Our Films

Maynard Films has, over the course of several years, developed a series of dark and humorous short films. This budding production company has gathered the cream of the crop and presented them on this website. Information about upcoming productions will also be featured here.In the meantime, we invite you to view our past short films, and gain an insight into their development. All have been produced using a variety of media – Hi8 Video, 16mm black & white, miniDV.

Snatch & Grab (2017): A short film crime thriller. Filmed in Pennsylvania, it follows a pair of crooks who plot to rob a jeweler of a pouch full of diamonds.

The Shed (2017): A short horror film. Shot with the Nikon D4 in about 20 minutes, this was chiefly just a fun exercise.

First Flight (2015): This was was a video that came about by happenstance. My son had a new toy, a kind of remote controlled helicopter. We went to the park so he could fly it. I brought my new DSLR, a Nikon D3200. The follow film was born, a sweet little piece of video.

An Evening with Nancy (2009): Nancy comes home to get ready for a big date. But, some plans don’t always go the way you want… and the results aren’t always what we expected.

Prologue (2006): Living a miserable life and stuck in a broken marriage, John Smith discovers a horrible truth — he is dead.

Murder by Accusation (2002): A detective and his bumbling police officer sidekick must discover the truth behind a dead body found inside the apartment of a bickering couple.

Ascent: Special Edition (2004): A man struggles to escape two black-clad pursuers as he desperately attempt to remember who he is.

The Drunkard (1997): A drunkard wakes from a night of boozing, only to go on the hunt for his next drink.

Garbage Night (Silent Film) (1997): A woman takes out the garbage, but what’s inside the bag is something no one could imagine.

Shot (1997): Unable to move past the vicious murder of his girlfriend, a man contemplates committing suicide.