Our Films

Boxes: A metaphorical tale about people, relationships and the connections we make with one another.

Snatch & Grab: A short film crime thriller. Filmed in Pennsylvania, it follows a pair of crooks who plot to rob a jeweler of a pouch full of diamonds.

The Shed: A short horror film. Shot with the Nikon D4 in about 20 minutes, this was chiefly just a fun exercise.

First Flight: This was was a video that came about by happenstance. My son had a new toy, a kind of remote controlled helicopter. We went to the park so he could fly it. I brought my new DSLR, a Nikon D3200. The follow film was born, a sweet little piece of video.

An Evening with Nancy: Nancy comes home to get ready for a big date. But, some plans don’t always go the way you want… and the results aren’t always what we expected.

Prologue: Living a miserable life and stuck in a broken marriage, John Smith discovers a horrible truth — he is dead.

Murder by Accusation: A detective and his bumbling police officer sidekick must discover the truth behind a dead body found inside the apartment of a bickering couple.

Ascent: Special Edition: A man struggles to escape two black-clad pursuers as he desperately attempt to remember who he is.

The Drunkard: A drunkard wakes from a night of boozing, only to go on the hunt for his next drink.

Garbage Night (Silent Film): A woman takes out the garbage, but what’s inside the bag is something no one could imagine.

Shot: Unable to move past the vicious murder of his girlfriend, a man contemplates committing suicide.