Murder by Accusation

Cast: Brian Beck, Paul Coughlan, Eileen Carey, Michael Sheridan, Lillian Sheridan
Director: Michael Sheridan
Writer: Story by Michael Sheridan; Screenplay by Michael Sheridan, Brian Beck
Synopsis: A detective and his bumbling police officer sidekick must discover the truth behind a dead body found inside the apartment of a bickering couple.
Release Date: 2002
Paul Coughlan (left) and Brian Beck in 'Murder by Accusation'
Paul Coughlan (left) and Brian Beck in 'Murder by Accusation'
Murder by Accusation began as an experiment in digital filmmaking. It ended up as a fun piece of comedy that was shot in 2002.

The short was filmed using a mini-DV camera, edited utilizing Adobe Premiere 6.2 and Final Cut Pro 3.0.

I developed and directed the comedy, which starred Paul Coughlan and Brian Beck (both of whom co-wrote the screenplay with me).

The story follows Detective O’Brien (Coughlan) and Officer Harris (Beck) as they attempt to unravel the mysterious death of a man inside the house of a deceptively happy married couple.

In the end, the film was a lot of fun to make, and made us all laugh when we watched it.
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