Cast: Gene Connelly, Tesia Nicoli
Director: Michael Sheridan
Synopsis: A metaphorical tale about people, relationships and the connections we make.
Release Date: 2019

Gene Connelly in ‘Boxes.’
“Boxes” is a personal film which seemed to take on a life of its own. It started with a simple concept, and I sketched out the script in a few days. Once that was complete, I mentioned it to an actor I had worked with before, Gene Connelly. He was interested in playing the main role, and helped connect me with the actor that would play opposite him, Tesia Nicoli.

The three of us, along with my son and daughter, spent a day in my basement/garage to film the short. This was followed by a lengthy post-production process that required a lot of time and detailed work to establish the look of the film.

In the end, “Boxes” is a quiet, somewhat odd story that I found best described as a metaphorical short film about men and women, relationships and the importance of connections.

It screened at the 2019 Greater Lehigh Valley Filmmaker Festival.
Maynard Films