Cast: Marshall Sharer, Arther Lewis, Susan Dahl, Olivia Swan, Brian Beck
Director: Michael Sheridan
Writer: Michael Sheridan
Synopsis: Living a miserable life and stuck in a broken marriage, John Smith discovers a horrible truth — he is dead.
Release Date: 2006
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This short is the third part of a trilogy of films.

It shares thematic elements from the first two films, Shot and Ascent. The trilogy explores the concept of death, and what happens next. All three stories feature different characters, but explore similar elements, expanding those concepts throughout.

Prologue was filmed on mini-DV and edited with Final Cut Pro. It was filmed in multiple locations, including the same studio seen in Ascent. The other locations were a park and my apartment in Middle Village, New York.

It screened at the 2006 West Chester International Short Film Festival.
Maynard Films