Title: Shot
Cast: Daniel Brookhart, Aly Hartman, Kevin W. Thomas
Director: Michael Sheridan
Writer: Michael Sheridan
Synopsis: Unable to move past the vicious murder of his girlfriend, a man contemplates committing suicide.
Release Date: 1997

The short film, Shot, was written late one night while Michael Sheridan was working at The Tennessean, a newspaper in Nashville, TN, in early 1997. The idea popped into his head, and he quickly wrote it down. It was filmed as written.

The project was the last of three he did while attending Watkins Film School, a wonderful institution in Nashville. At the time, it was only a two-year school, but is presently a four-year college.

The story followed its main character, John Smith, as he struggled to overcome the murder of his wife. Unable to come to grips, he finds release in an unlikely solution.

Shot unwittingly became the first part in what will eventually become a trilogy. It was filmed in Nashville, in and outside Michael’s home. He utilized a Hi-8 video camera, provided by the school.

The challenge to the project was to create a short that was only three minutes long. Michael made an effort to develop a story that would fit within those parameters, but later discovered he was the only student to actually listen to that rule.

Because it was such a simple film, with little to no dialogue, Michael chose to utilize friends to play the three major roles. He also made a cameo as the gunman.

With a crew of two — Michael did the camera work for most of the film, with the exception of one shot. Editing with Hi-8 tape gave him his first opportunity to work with precise edits. In the past, he had worked with two VCR linked together, which made create exact edits difficult. The Hi-8 machine allowed him to cut with the help of the time code, something that he found to be a great joy.

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