The Drunkard

Title: The Drunkard
Cast: Alfredo, Paul Coughlan, Michael Sheridan
Director: Michael Sheridan
Writer: Michael Sheridan
Synopsis: A drunkard wakes from a night of boozing, only to go on the hunt for his next drink.
Release Date: 1997

The Drunkard was filmed in 1997. It was the second project by Michael Sheridan during his time at the New York Film Academy.

The assignment had been to tell a story through the use of visuals and music. Basically, a music video, but the point was to create a visual story, not illustrate a song.

Michael came up with the idea of a drunk searching for another drink. It was designed to be a light, humorous film to contrast another project, which was particularly dark.

While this student film features Van Morrison’s “Bright Side of the Road”, originally, the song “Blue Moon” was to be used. However, after the film reached the rough cut and the music as added in, Michael found it actually took his light-hearted film and made it… well, rather slow and dull.

So, he opted for the peppier “Bright Side of the Road”. The song also helped add more of a deeper meaning to the film.

The short was produced over the course of about 3-4 hours on a Saturday morning in Forest Hills, NY. No “actors” were used. The main character is played by a fellow student, as is the man seen at the end. Michael also appeared as another unfortunate drunkard.

This film continued Michael’s Hitchcockian cameos, which he’s done in every film.

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