Title: Prologue
Cast: Marshall Sharer, Arther Lewis, Susan Dahl, Olivia Swan, Brian Beck
Director: Michael Sheridan
Writer: Michael Sheridan
Synopsis: Living a miserable life and stuck in a broken marriage, John Smith discovers a horrible truth — he is dead.
Release Date: 2006

Prologue, the final chapter in Michael Sheridan’s “Death Trilogy”, will be filmed in October 2002. This short has a long history: originally scheduled to go before the cameras two years ago, it has finally cleared a few hurdles — the writer/director got married — and is ready to go into production.

The story serves as the conclusion to a trilogy of shorts, which began with Shot and continued with Ascent.

All three films follow the storyline of different characters and their experiences with death and the afterlife. The first two films were shot in 1997, one on Hi-8 and the other on 16mm black-and-white film.

Prologue was filmed utilizing mini-DV and edited with Final Cut Pro. This all-digital production continues the underlining theme of the trilogy, where each film is shot on a different medium.

Marshall Sharer, cast to play the lead role two years ago, continued in that part. A talented actor with stage and screen experience, he played the role of John Smith, a depressed man in an difficult relationship who must confront the idea of life and death when he encounters a stranger claiming that Smith died several years before.

The part of the stranger, Moses, was played by Arthur Lewis, a talented actor, director and stage manager. The female lead, Susan, was portrayed by Susan Dahl. Another role, Mary, was played by Olivia Swan, while Brian Beck rounded out the cast as Muhammad.

The NYC-based project was shot in Queens and Manhattan in November 2002.

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